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Gazosa Monti, lemonade that sounds and tastes like ....

Gazosa Monti, lemonade that sounds and tastes like holidays, open air swimming pool and endless summer nights. It has long been part of Switzerland’s culinary heritage. Like no other soft drink, Gazosa stands for pure joie de vivre. Enjoy it ice-cold!

Simple & traditional
In Gazosa Monti the spirit of Bartolomeo Monti ...

In Gazosa Monti  the spirit of Bartolomeo Monti (1863-1946), mayor, winemaker, wine merchant and operator of the legendary Grotto Monti in Magliaso TI, lives on. Consistently he only served what the surrounding farms, fields and vineyards could provide. And his Gazosa: fresh spring water, fruity aromas, sugar – that’s it! With this he filled even at that time the unmistakable glass bottles with a set of wires, added a dash of carbon dioxide and the colourful lemonade was ready.

Regional & sustainable
On warm summer evenings, when the pergola cast ...

On warm summer evenings, when the pergola cast long shadows, the villagers liked to meet in the Grotto Monti for a Boccalino or a sparkling Gazosa. The local origin of the products was always accompanied by short distribution channels. The empties were valuable. Swing-top bottles were reused almost endlessly and the beverage production was virtually waste-free. A simple model with low consumption of resources, which his great-grandson Roberto has now rediscovered in times of climate change under the term of circular economy.

The legendary Gazosa
anno 1897

The original reinterpreted.

The Bartolomeo Monti Magliaso Community is 100% committed to a circular business model. With Gazosa Monti, they relaunch the pioneer limo and bring the original closer to the customer of Gazosa.

Gazosa artigianale with sustainable organic sugar according to its own recipe

Free from preservatives and artificial colouring*
(*except blueberry – we are working on it!)

Always produced in your region and transported no further than 100 miles – this is our declared goal

Exclusively filled in returnable swing-top bottles

Thanks to the simple and sustainable Gazosa from 1897, the unique concept of regional production sites and the consistent use of returnable swing-top bottles, the enjoyable Gazosa tradition can be continued in a climate-friendly manner.

Gazosa, originally from the south of Switzerland, is produced without any climate-damaging transalpine transport, in the most environmentally friendly way possible and close to the consumer, at various locations north of the Alps.


CR Trade Feusi & Co AG produces and distributes Gazosa Monti in Switzerland. Returnable glass swing-top bottles 35 cl / Bottle deposit CHF 0.50 / Crate deposit CHF 5

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